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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

What is Calendar


Under this article, I am going to tell about what is a calendar and also discuss various types of a calendar and how it is useful. The Calendar is a visual representation of month and days of any given year, It uses an alternative to create Add post button. The order of creating a post is changed first pick a date, and then create the content of the post. The calendar allows a user to schedule events and set alerts and reminders for important date and events. It was the first luxury features to make it the smartphone and laptop they provide various features.The calendar provides an easy-to-use, robust function for time management, scheduling, and planning, and also it is a system of organising days for social, religious, commercial and, administrative purpose. The first calendar reform of the early was the Gregorian Calendar, introduced in 1582 based on the observation of a long-term shift between the Julian calendar and solar year.

Types of Calendar.

There are three types of Calendar.
  • PDF Calendar
  • Word Calendar
  • Excel Calendar.

PDF Calendar.

PDF Calendar is blank and printable, weekly and month calendar Planners its means we organise pdf calendar according to our work and events and set schedule of our work time. It is useful for the business man because in this calendar they easily organise our monthly schedule of Owen time and days.

Word Calendar.

word Word calendar is a one form of a calendar that will use in a foreign country because they organise our work according to their own time schedule of work and the event it is different company to company in a foreign country they don't give burden of work their employee. we can easily customise word calendar according to our event and set a reminder for our event it is easy to use most of the time it is used in the bank.

Excel Calendar.

Excel Calendar is an also part of the calendar that will make under the Microsoft Excel it is related to word it means that under this calendar we also organise the calendar according to our choice and work. There are three steps of making an excel calendar.
  • First, open a Microsoft Excel
  • Click on the new file
  • Type calendar in the search field
  • After that, you will see a variety of option, select any one and create.


Both the calendar plays an important role in our life, we use a pdf calendar for normal awareness of days and cultural event, and word calendar is using by businessman because they set a reminder of our event of according to their schedule most of the word calendar use in U.S.A. and also we use excel calendar in bank and government organization because they will set their own work schedule according to our department.
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